The Devil: Halloween 2012

Best Halloween songs not named Thriller

Just in time for Halloween, here are thirteen (that’s a scary number right?) songs that are perfect for any grown folks party. This list has a little bit of everything – rap, instrumentals, R&B, rock and pop so there should be something for all of your guests to enjoy. Since Michael Jackson’s Thriller is the alpha male […]

all houses matter comic from

BlackLivesMatter: What to do when you are tired of being angry

[message background_color=’#969696′] Note: I started working on this after the Alton Sterling shooting but before the Philando Castile shooting in St. Paul and attack on the police officers in Dallas. If you want to skip my rant just go right to the “What you can do section.” [/message] Another day, another questionable police shooting. Now it goes […]

Keeping the Dream Alive

Note: I found this little nugget from the early 80’s and against my better judgment I am sharing it. Consider it my way of celebration the King Holiday. The quality is a little poor but it came from a tape that is roughly 20 years old. Many years ago, in the great state of Louisiana, […]