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SWOT Team to the Rescue

When you are searching for a new job it helps to know people. It is even better to know yourself. Not long after I put in my notice, I began to think about what I wanted to do. Stay my in current field? Change careers? Move to a new city? There were lots of questions […]

Rip My Career

World Wide Web of Jobs

Over the last couple of weeks I have become more familiar with many of the job sites out there. I have accounts on multiple ones and while I am by no means an expert I have picked up a few things. These are the five I find myself visiting most often. That is not to […]

Will Web for Food

Will Web for Food

Last week, Operation Don’t End Up Homeless officially started. It hasn’t been that long but I have already learned a few interesting things. You Lose All Sense of Time Last Thursday, I was at home working on some insurance stuff when I started thinking about the fact that I never heard back about some of […]

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Five Stages of Quitting Your Job

A week ago I walked into my assistant manager’s office and told him I was putting in my two weeks’ notice. I actually like the guy so I wanted to give him a heads up before I sent the email to the higher ups. I’m not leaving for any bad reasons and no bridges are […]