Deadpool at DragonCon 2015

(Yet Another) DragonCon Survival Guide

DragonCon is a ton of fun but it can be a bit overwhelming. I’ve seen a few people asking for tips on how to survive and while I am not an expert I have learned a few things during my times there. Make a plan Before you go to DragonCon, get the print program or […]

Keeping the Dream Alive

Note: I found this little nugget from the early 80’s and against my better judgment I am sharing it. Consider it my way of celebration the King Holiday. The quality is a little poor but it came from a tape that is roughly 20 years old. Many years ago, in the great state of Louisiana, […]

Loki getting down on the lobby dance floor

The hottest spot at Dragon*Con? Club Lobby

While strolling through the Marriott Marquis Atlanta I stumbled upon a dance party orchestrated by the Adidas Hip Hop Stormtrooper. The music was good, the people were great, the party was jumping and the cover charge was nonexistent. You can ask for any more than that.

Possible side job: Professional reader

My job is having open forums to inform people about an upcoming merger. At the last one, they needed someone to read questions submitted via email. Since they couldn’t find anyone with talent they picked me. I don’t want to brag but I think I did a pretty good job. Maybe if this online content […]