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Rip My CareerOver the last couple of weeks I have become more familiar with many of the job sites out there. I have accounts on multiple ones and while I am by no means an expert I have picked up a few things.

These are the five I find myself visiting most often. That is not to say that they are the best or that you are guaranteed to find your perfect job on them. They just happen to have features that I found useful.

LinkUp: The big flaw with most job sites is that companies have to post jobs there so you are only seeing listings from places that have the money and time to add them. LinkUp solves that problem. It scours the internet and pulls in job listing from company sites. So they are providing listings straight from the source, ones that you may not see on other job sites. It lets you get an RSS feed of jobs that match your search so there one less thing to clutter up your inbox.

LinkedIn: Before you start laughing, hear me out. LinkedIn deserves a place at the job search table because of its connections feature. I have never been a fan of the good old boy/hookup system but I’d be a fool to say it doesn’t help. Finding someone you know at a company you want to work for is a big help. Even if it is just a friend of a friend, it puts you one step closer to where you want to be.

State Labor Offices: Your state’s Department of Labor probably has its own job board with government and private sector listings. Features will vary from state to state but you will probably find some jobs that are not listed on the big name sites.

Mashable Job Board: The focus is tech jobs but you can find a little bit of everything. is a popular site and because of that a wide variety of company post jobs there.  They also let you get an RSS feed for your searches.

Glassdoor: This site doesn’t have as many search options as some of the others but like LinkedIn they offer an extra that raises its value. Employees can review and rate their companies. I know online reviews can be suspect but it is a nice feature. It also collects salary information so you can get an idea of what the pay is like. Some people will even share their experiences interviewing with a particular company so you will know what to expect.

Also, I have heard very good things about Ladders but I’m poor so I haven’t tried it yet. If things don’t work out with my current searches I may give it a shot.

Keep in mind I just said that these are my favorites but they are not the only ones I use. I still visit the large ones (Monster, Indeed, etc.) and ones for specific fields like HigherEd Jobs and JournalismJobs.

If these don’t work I am setting up an account on and calling it a career.

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