Quincy Jones - The Secret Garden cover

Funkin Friday: Tell me your secrets

This is a special lover edition of Funkin Friday.

I am doing it for two reasons:

  1. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and even though I hate it, I know that it is a big day for some people who believe in love.
  2. I am feeling frisky. No need for me to elaborate on that one.

Let’s call this, Freakin’ Friday.

Quincy Jones - The Secret Garden coverIn 1989 a great man named Qunicy Jones assembled some of the great musical artists of the time for an album called “Back on the Block”. The line-up was a who’s who’s of music that spanned generations. You had rappers like Ice-T, Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee and Big Daddy Kane. There were jazz greats Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan. They were teamed up with greats like Chaka Khan and Ray Charles.

One of the stand tracks on the album was The Secret Garden. This is one of the most dangerous songs of all time. Why is it dangerous, you ask? It makes you want to get freaky.

The song features Al B. Sure, El DeBarge, Barry White and James Ingram, a strong collation of baby making music experts. This song can put almost anyone in the mood. If you are with your significant other and this song comes on, please believe that something naughty is going to happen.

So before you play this song I have a few words of warning:

  • Do not play this song at work. You might be tempted to take a long “lunch break” with a co-worker. Or you might decide to drive across town to “visit” a friend. Bottom line is that you could end up doing something that will get you fired (or get you a raise depending on who you do it to).
  • If you are home alone, don’t play this song. You will start calling people (old “buddies”, exes, that freaky guy or girl you met at the club, etc.)
  • If you are a married couple and don’t want to have a kid don’t play this song.
  • If you are saving yourself for marriage, do not listen to this song. It will make you rethink that decision. If your date plays this song or anything even remotely similar, RUN!! They have more on their minds than “talking”. So regardless of where you are at (car, hotel room, lake, etc.) leave. Call someone and get a ride home before you do something bad.

All jokes aside, this is easily my favorite slow jam of all time. If I do a bachelor auction, this will be my theme music. If I ever get date, it willing be playing in the truck when I pick her up. After my wedding it will be blasting on the stereo in the honeymoon suite.

So ladies on this Freakin’ Friday, I invite you to let your hair down and let this song get you in the mood. Then, if you are single and above the age of 18, give me a call or shoot me an email and tell me ALL your secrets.

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