(Web) Afternoon Delight

Web Afternoon Augusta event was held at  the historic Imperial Theatre in Augusta, Georgia.


Master of ceremonies, Doc Waller, kicked things off with some brief opening remarks before introducing Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver for the first talk of the day. Copenhaver stressed the importance of technology and arts in creating a great community.


Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman was one of the presenters I was most excited about because surely someone called “Dr. Awesomeness” would have some great things to say? Her talked hit a little close to home at times but it was one of my favorites. I’m almost ready go out have order some “Unicorn Master” business cards.

Alex Sok remind us all that all businesses, big and small, need a set of core values to guide them.


After a short break we were treated to a talk about building community and a couple of songs from Augusta’s “Empress of Cool” Karen Gordon.


Bowe Strickland brought the crowd up to speed on all things open source.


All the presentations were great but I think Jared Spool’s talk on creating an “epic portfolio” generated a lot of buzz on Twitter.

While it wasn’t an official presentation Jay Cornelius’ introduction to the Shut Up. Get to Work (#sugtx) philosophy was well received. I just hope it doesn’t get anyone fired. 🙂

Dr. Tony Robinson made everyone rethink what they new about innovation and what it takes to innovate.


The title of Bryan Veloso’s presentation “Hybrids Rule Everything Around Me” set the bar really high but it lived up to the hype. He basically let everyone know that the era of specialization is over. Even though he didn’t tell the crowd to protect their neck as I had hoped, it was still a great talk.

Jenn Downs dropped some email marketing knowledge on the room and reminded us all that “Empathy Cannot Be Automated”

The only thing that could outshine Bermon Painter’s awesome facial hair was his presentation on assembly line lessons. Apparently you can lean a lot by installing seats in a Honda Odyssey.

I have the privilege of meeting Kim Romaner during my NAA Fellowship in 2006 so I knew her presentation on “Time Management for Busy People” was going to be hit.

Carl Smith closed out the event with a great talk on recovering from mistakes. I think it’s safe to say the everyone there learned how to “suck it up” and move on.

The presenters were the stars of the show but no one took master of ceremonies or the sponsors for granted.

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Thank you, sponsors. #waaug

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